[CT Birds] Huricane danger

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Fri Sep 3 00:01:09 EDT 2010

Once again, Dave P has said it as it is. 

For millions of years, our fauna, flora and the earth have adapted fairly well 
to all the adversities our weather can produce. In reality, Hurricanes are not 
usually bad events except when man alters the environment to his liking.( Like 
building homes on open exposed beach fronts). Of course humans often do it with 
no or little thought for the future as to what can come in the ways of normal, 
but extreme weather events. 

We pay with catastrophic damage and devastating human loss of life. Recently 
Pakistan suffered catastrophic loss of human life caused by extrema flooding. In 
reality, it was not the rains that were the culprit, for they do occasionally 
happen. Instead, the death toll happened because their were just to many people 
living in extremely dangerous habitat. The cause of this? Our human ever growing 
population and the need for them to live in marginal areas that can not safely 
support so many people.

Hurricanes happen, and to the most part native species have evolved and adapted 
to survive them. We can not say the same for us humans. We don't adapt, we 
change things as best we can to avoid the dangers. It often will work for a 
time, but eventually the big one will prevail. Example - New Orleans and 
Katrina. Did we learn anything from this?

Just my opinion - Paul Carrier      

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