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Jan Hollerbach smilifase at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 13:12:12 EDT 2010

Hi all.

Vacationing here in California and reading posts about hurricanes has been fascinating. I suspect the reason they closed Hammo and others is that there are always people who don't really understand that swimming in the "big waves" is not a good idea. 

Meanwhile am seeing some wonderful birds here!  Yesterday at Asilomar in Monterey went out early to get breakfast and had 7 Acorn Woodpeckers on top of a van. It was like Woody Woodpeckers cousins went off the deep end. They were drumming on the top of the van, calling like crazy and (there was still some dew on the cars) scrunching down and "bathing" on the roof of the van. This behavior, along with their rather clownish looks, made for quite a show!

Stay safe!  I hope to see you all at the Stratford Bird Festival.

Jan Hollerbach

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