[CT Birds] Stratford Point/kite photos

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 16:54:20 EDT 2010

I put up a few more fantastic White-tailed Kite photos and a couple of, uh,
Earl from yesterday: http://ctaudubon.blogspot.com/

Obviously we are not going to experience much from Earl in the western part
of CT - last week's storm will be worse when all is said and done - and I
will be opening the gate to Stratford Point shortly. We may get to see the
usual kite show and perhaps get lucky with something rare pushed into Long
Island Sound. I still believe Nick's advance of dawn tomorrow to be the
best, but we'll see if we can pull something out tonight.

Scott Kruitbosch
Stratford, CT
Connecticut Audubon Society

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