[CT Birds] Fw: eBird Report - Short Beach Park , 9/4/10

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
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Hi all,
Amazing numbers of gulls (laughing and ring-billed) and Common Terns on the 
lower Housatonic River late this afternoon, 4 Sept... no doubt storm-related. 
 So many to look through, but there easily could be a Franklin's Gull in with 
them. Also I was intent on scanning through the flocks for a jaeger (perfect 
timing) or something even more rare [at least 1 Sabine's Gull and 1 Skua (So. 
Polar apparently) were seen on Cape Cod this morning].  All 9 Black Skimmers 
were juveniles.  I hope to get back out Sunday morning.
The White-tailed Kite put on a nice show.
Frank Mantlik

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Location:     Short Beach Park
Observation date:     9/4/10
Notes:     Viewing here was broken in time (5:00-5:30, then 6:30-7:00).  
Mid-tide rising. Concentrated on terns, gulls, shorebirds - so many to look 
through.  Smaller shorebirds could not be discerned well on distant sandbars, 
despite great afternoon light conditions.  White-tailed Kite continues (1st CT 
record) since 8/1.
Number of species:     22

Mute Swan     4
Double-crested Cormorant     340     large numbers have been here for the past 
month or so, with most resting on the offshore breakwater, but also feeding in 
flocks in the river
White-tailed Kite     1     Seen hunting at Stratford Point on and off about 
5;15pm , 5:50, 6;15.  It caught at least 2 rodents (meadow voles?), eating the 
first one on the wing.
Peregrine Falcon     1     sitting on sandbar 6:45pm
Black-bellied Plover     50
Semipalmated Plover     20
American Oystercatcher     6
Sanderling     300
Semipalmated Sandpiper     50
Short-billed Dowitcher     4
Laughing Gull     5000     Huge numbers (conservative estimate) flying upriver 
the whole time, then resting in large flocks on Short Beach (despite many 
sunbathers) and on several sandbars.  About 80% juveniles. No doubt swept up the 
coast by yesterday's Hurricane Earl.  

Ring-billed Gull     2000     Same comments as for Laughing Gull.
Herring Gull     300
Great Black-backed Gull     10
Common Tern     3000     Many large hovering/ foraging flocks all around the 
lower Housatonic River, with smaller numbers resting on sandbars.  About 50/50 
adults/juvs. The highest numbers I've seen here all year.  Numbers had been 
declining 200-300 in recent weeks.  Apparently brought in to LI Sound by 
yesterday's storm
Black Skimmer     9
Mourning Dove     8
Barn Swallow     4
Northern Mockingbird     2
Yellow Warbler     1
American Goldfinch     3
House Sparrow     6

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