[CT Birds] Carolina wren dry bath

Rob Ballinger robballinger at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 5 10:33:54 EDT 2010

I  just saw an interesting behavior by a Carolina wren.  I have a small wood 
tray feeder on my deck.  It's about 3" square with a 1/2" lip and I put a 
handful of hulled sunflower in it occasionally but haven't done so in months.  
The wrens will visit this feeder or the peanut butter feeder nearby often in the 
winter.  Just now a wren was bathing in the empty feeder.  There are nearby 
areas that I think would be suitable for a dust bath, and the water bird bath is 
less than 20' away.  Interesting that this wren would choose to "bathe" in an 
empty tray rather than in either of the two typical baths.

Rob Ballinger - Farmington

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