[CT Birds] All quiet on the western front...

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My memory tells me of these past hurricane-related rare birds:
- The state's only White-faced Storm-petrel (then called Frigate Petrel) was 
found (specimen) at Milford Point in the early 1980's (Gloria?). Perhaps that 
same storm brought in a number of flocks of Black Skimmers.
- Following one hurricane, there were several sightings of Sooty Terns in CT. 
 Maybe a Bridled as well.
- Following the last tropical storm, Charlie Barnard & I saw a Parasitic Jaeger 
off the Lordship Seawall 9/20/05.

Frank Mantlik

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Hi All,

So much for Hurricane Earl then! If it's any consolation I was at Jamaica Bay 
(absolutely cracking day - great mix of shorebirds - but I digress) today and 
ran into a couple of NY birders who had been pretty much skunked as far as 
finding anything exciting on Long Island so it wasn't like they got our birds. I 
was talking to Joe Zeranski about previous hurricane assisted rares for the 
state, just out of interest I am wondering what our previous experience is in 
the state? I assume the Black-capped Petrel ended up here that way, is there 
anything else particularly notable? Amusingly the last storm that we were being 
predicted that didn't quite materialise a couple of years back (Hanna?) at least 
allowed me to add Semipalmated Plover to my Allen's Meadows list - it's the 
small things in life...

Early evening on return I had a small flock of passerine migrants including a 
Blackburnian Warbler at Greenwich Audubon. 

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

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