[CT Birds] 9/9 - Hammonasset Beach SP

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 13:29:21 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Not too much to add to this morning's report from Hammo, but here are
the highlights below. Overall, migrant hawks were pretty much
non-existent, there was a halfway decent warbler movement, and lots of
Bobolinks. The weather started as clear skies with W-WNW breeze, then
quickly went to 95% cloud cover and gustier NW wind around 0930am.

American Golden Plover (Nature Center lot; adult holding much of
alternate plumage)
Pectoral Sandpiper (flyby past Nature Center lot, joined in flight by
the Golden-Plover and Buffie as they continued westward)
Buff-breasted Sandpiper (Nature Center lot)
Least Flycatcher
Great Crested Flycatcher (seemed a bit out of place along the coastal
scrub but well-studied and definitely this species)
Bank Swallow
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Brown Thrasher
8 warbler species incl Cape May Warbler (very drab first fall female,
seen in mixed flock along the entrance road around 0730)
Clay-colored Sparrow (striking bird; along southern edge of Middle
Beach lot; on the early side but not by more than 10 days or so...one
of our earlier uncommon fall sparrows)
1,020 Bobolink (in flocks of up to 90 birds; certainly many more
passed since I didn't spend that much time looking up)
Purple Finch

>From Nick Bonomo:
9/09 - Madison, Hammonasset Beach SP -- AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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