[CT Birds] Bluff Point

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 10 11:21:46 EDT 2010

Just four of us today, but the flight was much better than yesterday.  Based on the radar, it seems that there were many more birds in the air during the latter part of the night.  The winds shifted from NW to W a bit before dawn, which I suspected might be a problem, but there were still more birds than I could easily handle.  About a thousand birds total, with at least 14 spp. of warbler.

That said, viewing was tough, most birds were flying through fast, with very few landing or coming through the trees.  Also, the flight was very concentrated, with the vast majority of the birds between 6:30 and 7, and very little after 7:30 - i.e., all the birds went through when the light conditions were at their worst.

We had one really nice wave come by in the woods after we left the corner, but then little else.

Highlights included: red-shouldered hawk (1), Cooper's hawk (1), Accipiter sp. (1), merlin (2), kestrel (1), flicker (1), ruby-throated hummer (2), great crested fly (2), eastern wood-pewee (8), "Traill's" fly (1), yellow-bellied fly (2), red-eyed vireo (19), cedar waxwing (33), red-breasted nuthatch (1), white-breasted nuthatch (1 that acted like a migrant), veery (6), blue-gray gnatcatcher (1), redstart (90+), yellow (6), black-throated blue (2), black-throated green (3), blackpoll (5), northern parula (27), magnolia (8), western palm (1), chestnut-sided (1), black-and-white (11), prairie (1), nashville (2), common yellowthroat (4), Oporornis sp. (1, plus another fairly good candidate), unidentified warblers (>800, presumably most were redstarts, but also included a lot of possible blackpolls, parulas and magnolias), rose-breasted grosbeak (6), scarlet tanager (15), Baltimore oriole (5), bobolink (71).

These numbers are just what I laid eyes on; others also least fly (1) and additional individuals of some of the warblers listed above (e.g., Nashville, b-t-green, etc.).  If I missed anything, hopefully one of the others will post it.

Chris Elphick

Storrs, CT

elphick at sbcglobal.net

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