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Neil Currie nwcurrie23 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 10 22:30:32 EDT 2010

>From Neil Currie
9/10/10 The birds are on the move, warblers at Bluff Point and Quaker Ridge, and hawks at Lighthouse Point and Quaker Ridge. For the next two weeks at inland lookouts Broadwings will be the dominate migrant. Already reports are in from Chestnut Hill, Botsford Hill, and West Hartford. In this period there should be three or four days, when winds are out of the northwest to northeast, when the bulk of the Broadwings (maybe hundreds) and some other hawks will pass. 
Some of the inland lookouts are Chestnut Hill, Middle School, Booth Hill, Botsford Hill, Flat Hill, Johnnycake Mountain, and Booth Memorial Park. For direction to these go to www.hawkcount.org, click on Month Summaries, scroll to a lookout, select it, then click on Site Profile to find a map locating the lookout. 


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