[CT Birds] Common Raven - Lighthouse Park New Haven

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 11 17:41:01 EDT 2010

Preliminary results from Tony Hager today were 344 raptors.  This included 1 juv Goshawk and 3 Red-Shouldered Hawks, also clearly heading east to west, just like yesterday.  These are remarkable so early in the season.  
Also 40 Osprey, 2 adult Bald Eagles, 20 Harriers, 123 S Shinned, 54 Coops, 27 Kestrels, 43 Broad-wings.
Green Darners, Saddlebags and others, were so numerous, it made hawk counting very difficult.  A binocular scan/count of the sky at 10:30 EST yielded 850 and that was a gross underestimate.  It did not include the hundreds in the Park, below the treeline.  
Early in the morning, 3 Common Ravens came in from the East and cavorted in the Park before heading NW over the Harbor.  
A partial migrant count included 72 Chimney Swifts, 1 C Nighthawk, 7 RT Hummingbird, 94 Tree Swallows, 12 Barn Swallows, 4 E Kingbird, 3 RB Nuthatches, 400 C Waxwings, several warblers (incl, Redstart, BT Blue, No Waterthrush, Palm), at least 1 Purple Finch and a paltry 89 Bobolink.
Steve Mayo

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