[CT Birds] Great Pond, Simsbury

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Sat Sep 11 19:28:18 EDT 2010


 Although the Mississippi Kites have left, Great Pond State Forest is definitely worth a visit particularly for those inland birders who may not have the time to hit the shore.  The water level in the pond is lower than I can remember, and the area is a magnet for water birds including herons, waterfowl and shorebirds, sporting shallows and extensive mud flats. On a short walk around the pond this evening, I observed a merlin chasing shorebirds, as well as substantial numbers of wood ducks and mallards, several green-winged teal and a black duck.  Shorebirds included numerous killdeer and least sandpipers, as well as several unidentified species that were spooked by the merlin at the far side of the pond.  Great Pond also is usually good for migrant songbirds, in addition to resident red-shouldered hawks, barred owls and red-breasted nuthatch among other species. The pond attracts shorebirds well into fall and in past years has hosted late pectoral sandpipers and long-billed dowitchers in November. If you want to go, please note that the entrance sign on Great Pond Road has recently disappeared, either for replacement by the DEP or perhaps removed by neighborhood vandals. 

Jay Kaplan

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