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Interesting possibility to prevent bird/glass collisions"

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Insulated glass reduces bird collisions
Glass windows are a major cause of bird deaths throughout the world. In Europe alone, 250,000 birds per day die from these collisions. Solutions to date have been only partially helpful: attaching silhouettes of raptors to the windows, hanging netting from the eaves, even putting sticky notes over the windows. Not only do these solutions not work well, but they obstruct the inhabitants' vision. Arnold Glas, a Germany-based company, has found a solution—an insulated glass sheeting that incorporates UV-reflective patterns that, while visible to birds, are almost completely transparent to humans. Independent tests sho! wed a 76% decrease in bird collisions with this glass compared to conventional glass. And the inspiration for this innovative solution? Orb-web spiders that decorate their webs with UV-reflective silk strands, keeping birds and other large animals from crashing through their creations. The last thing a spider wants is to spend the night building a large, insect-catching masterpiece of a web, only to have it taken down by a bird out for a morning flight.
>From the Biomimicry Institute
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