[CT Birds] shotguns and Geese

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 12 09:22:54 EDT 2010

This Saturday up at Colebrook reservoir, we had a strange encounter. 

Usually there are fishermen around the lake fishing in the greatly reduced water 
level, and catching many fish there. However, Sat morning we saw something else.

In the low water were many Geese decoys and several hunters in kayaks waiting 
for geese to come in. Another hunter was stalking some geese by the road but 
when he saw us, he ran behind a rock. All these hunters were positioned well 
within 500 feet from a used road, which I believe is against the law. 

The worst part was, their presence there and the discharge of their guns scared 
away all the bird life in and near the reservoirs water. All the regulars were 
gone, the sandpipers, the swallows, the pipits and even the Eagles were staying 
at a distance. 

My question is - can they hunt here, and can they do it as they were doing it?

I know the Army Core of Engineerspatrols this area, so are they the ones who 
would answer these questions? If anyone knows, please E mail me.

And please - I am not against hunting, just the abuse of it, as I feel this 
surely was....... Paul Carrier

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