[CT Birds] Allen's Meadow- Nice Mix, and some Goodies

Joseph.Bear at rbs.com Joseph.Bear at rbs.com
Mon Sep 13 10:37:42 EDT 2010

For the first time this season I birded Allen's Meadow in Wilton yesterday (Sun) and was reminded of what a great place it is to bird- especially this time of year.  Due to limited woodlands, it is not known for big warbler flights so I was particularly pleased with a personal high count for me of 16sp including 1 BAY-BREASTED, 2 TENNESSEE, 2 BLACKPOLL, and 1 WILSON's.  Throw in the odd CANADA, PRAIRIE, NASHVILLE , and PALMS and you have a nice mix.  In with a couple of Warbling Vireos was a bright PHILADELPHIA VIREO along the trail bordering Field 5- also here was a very cooperative YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER.  Just as this trail merges with the Community Gardens I heard a chink of what I'm fairly certain was a Blue Grosbeak, however I never located the bird.  Two KESTRELS were working the Community Gardens vicinity, as were 14 BOBOLINKS tucked in the Foxtail Grass.  It was nice to see several SAVANNAH SPARROWS having arrived, along with 1 LINCOLN's SPARROW.  Against an overcast sky 1 adult BALD EAGLE flew over- as I looked up 2 BLACK VULTURES cruised along the ridgeline.  An RB NUTHATCH was in the south woods, and 4 PURPLE FINCHES flew over getting my attention with their hollow call note.  Rounding off the busy morning were a total of 6 Woodpecker species, and a Catbird pretending to be a Red-eyed Vireo, and a rather poor one at that.  [Note- there's 20+ House Sparrows in the gardens so no doubt a Dickcissel with be amongst them soon- "unfortunately" I'll be away leading back-to-back weekends on Monhegan and Block Islands for CT Audubon Society so won't be around to bird Allen's but encourage you to do so as this time of year it really comes in to its own.

Joe Bear
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