[CT Birds] feed or not to feed?

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 14 11:41:55 EDT 2010

To feed birds or not is the question.

I have a bird feeder up and filled throughout the year, but that old question 
comes up for me once again.....

Is it a good idea to attract birds to feeders even though it condenses their 
numbers and makes these birds
more vulnerable to predator attacks? I have been told by experts (those who 
should know) that it 

most likely is a wash. 

All summer, I have had a hanging feeder on my cedar tree filled and visited 
greatly from the bird population
within my area. Even a red squirrel visits daily. However: I also have a 
resident Coopers Hawk about, and 

this hawk has had fantastic luck catching M Doves and others such as Blue jays 
under the feeder. 

How do i know? because he leaves many of their scattered breast and flight 
feathers behind. So far this
 summer i have found over 6 Dove and 2 Jay feather piles under the feeder.  

Are we helping or hindering our bird friends by feeding them? i would love to 
hear how others feel about this 

subject and what they might know about it as well for all of us to learn from.

Thanks - Paul Carrier

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