[CT Birds] Window crash- too close

jayne.amico at cox.net jayne.amico at cox.net
Mon Sep 20 19:49:43 EDT 2010

You can help when a bird hits a window.  The best thing to do is get a shoebox, poke holes in the lid, place a small cloth on the bottom so the box will not be slippery and place the bird in the box to recover with the lid securely on. The bird can then rest safely and easily once placed in a small dark place like a shoe box. I recommend waiting 30 minutes and then take the box back outside and open it. If the bird does not immediately fly away it needs a rehabber.

FYI the number one reason for fatal window strikes is fractured skull, not broken necks. Other injuries that occur are fractures to the bill, coracoid, wing or leg, and commonly ruptured air sacs. All can be treatable...

Jayne Amico
Southington, CT

---- eyeflight16 at optonline.net wrote: 
> As I was scanning the shore from the windows facing the beach at my house here in Fairfield, I was suprised to hear a sudden bang.

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