[CT Birds] Tyler Lake, Goshen plus

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 21 19:18:28 EDT 2010

>From Jamie Meyers:
9/21 -- Goshen, Tyler Lake -- at least 6 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS, 1 WILSON'S SNIPE and a MERLIN among other more common species, this afternoon
Goshen, pond across from Action Wildlife -- 1 PECTORAL SANDPIPER, several BLUE-WINGED TEALS, both AM and PM
Torrington, Minetto SP -- a couple LINCOLN'S SPARROWS early this morning
Canton, Farmington River near Saybrook Fish House -- 2 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS (getting pretty late) this evening around 6:45 PM.

I trekked out to Tyler Lake early this morning before work in the hopes of refinding the shorebirds reported yesterday.  Alas, the thing was enveloped in fog and the viewing was mediocre.  So I stopped at the Action Wildlife pond and was rewarded with the species noted above plus a Least Sandpiper, good additions to my Goshen list.  

This afternoon I returned to Tyler Lake and had an entertaining time.  I stopped at the boat launch on the west side first.  Alas, the only shorebirds I could spot were on the east side of the lake, barely recognizable through my scope and nearly impossible to ID.  I was able to make out the snipe because it was facing away from me in some mud on the north side and I could see its back well in good light.  There were numerous Great Blues and conservatively 10 Pied-billed Grebes around.  

Frustrated with my views, I explored the east side of the lake, which is all residential and has no public access that I'm aware of.  I did find a nice break between houses where the shorebirds were strangely sidelit, but it was better than before.  Taht's when I realized all the little dumpy things I thought might have been Solitarys or maybe yellowlegs were Pectorals.  They were feeding with some Leasts and a couple Semi Sands.  A Greater Yellowlegs came in to feed at some point.  As I was trying to ID a shorebird with some Pecs I noticed it was nervous.  Before I had a chance to look around, the Merlin came screaming out of nowhere and flushed everything.  This action induced an eagle, which has been sitting in a tree right near me the whole time, to make a lazy pass out over the water.  It landed on a rock near the shoreline.

8 new ones for my already healthy Goshen list and a couple for Torrington from Minetto as well.  A red letter day!

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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