[CT Birds] Amusing Poem

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Wed Sep 22 08:37:01 EDT 2010

I have had to go back through the early issues of Bird Lore Magazine  
and ran across this Poem

by Florence A. Van Sant.
Bird Lore Volume 8 Page 130

A Mourning Dove and a Laughing Gull
Met during bird migration,
And, out of courtesy, they both
Joined in a conversation.

The Dove, the land-bird, said, "I dwell
by the fields of golden grain";
The Gull said. "I'm a mariner
And roam a vast domain."

In everything they disagreed
 From sentiment to diet;
One loved the tumult of the sea,
The other liked things quiet.

When one was happy he would mourn,
A truth as strange as fiction;
The other, he would laugh when sad,
'Twas quite a contradiction.

The Dove said, I am glad we met,"
and then moaned. "Coo a-coo";
The Gull at parting felt too bad,
But laughed, "Hah, hah, adieu!"

Dennis Varza

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