[CT Birds] Goshen Tyler Lake and Action Wildlife

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Fri Sep 24 18:02:27 EDT 2010

My brother, Bruce, and I had a chance to check these locations out around  
9:00 this morning after reports from Ann Orsillo, Greg Hanisek and Jamie  
Meyers.  They're certainly worth visiting as things change on a daily  basis.
At the pond across from Action Wildlife on Route 4 in the eastern edge of  
Goshen were 12 Blue-winded Teal and five Green-winged Teal.
>From the Tyler Lake state boat launch, we saw no shorebirds, other  than a 
single, Spotted Sandpiper.  However, that was likely due to the  Merlin 
Jamie saw and the pair of Kestrels and at least one Cooper's Hawk we saw  
lurking about, today.
Also present were an adult Bald Eagle, Ospey and an unidentified raptor off 
 in the distance in the fog--a good guess would be the young Bald Eagle 
that has  been seen there.  The Osprey caught a large fish and was then chased 
by the  adult Bald Eagle.  Unfortunately, they disappeared behind trees 
before we  could see the result of the pursuit.  An Osprey did appear, sans 
fish, ten  minutes later.
As reported before, Pied-billed Grebes were there in quantity.
Later in the day, over Woodridge Lake in Goshen, a Northern Harrier made an 
 unusual appearance.
In our yard were 16 Purple Finches, a Brown Creeper, Red-breasted Nuthatch  
and a late, Ruby-throated Hummingbird.
Kevin Finnan

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