[CT Birds] Bluff Point (yesterday - 26th)

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 27 09:25:00 EDT 2010

Sorry not to get this out yesterday.  Domestic life took over once I got home.  Pretty good numbers of birds, but light was terrible so many were very hard to identify.  Kinglets and sparrows are now making up a fair part of the mix, and the balance of warblers is just starting to shift to yellow-rumpeds.  

Highlights from the morning flight at Bluff Point (6:30-9ish at the hot corned, then an hour or so walking the woods) included: sharp-shinned hawk (1), merlin (1), yellow-bellied sapsucker (1), yellow-shafted flicker (4 - very different from Tues), eastern wood-pewee (1), eastern phoebe (6), blue-headed vireo (1), red-eyed vireo (13), blue jay (47), red-breasted nuthatch (10), white-breasted nuthatch (1 migrant-like), brown creeper (1), house wren (2), golden-crowned kinglet (140, ruby-crowned kinglet (3), veery (1), gray-cheeked thrush (1), Catharus sp. (2), American robin (18), American pipit (14), cedar waxwing (12), parula (4), magnolia (1), black-throated blue (6), yellow-rumped (12), prairie (1), blackpoll (2), black-and-white (3), American redstart (10), northern waterthrush (1), common yellowthroat (1), white-throated sparrows (85), juncos (140), scarlet tanager (17), Baltimore oriole (1).

Also seen by Glenn: hummingbird (1, presumably ruby-throated, but ...).

And on my way home : 2 itinerant helmeted guineafowl wandering along Rte 32 in Storrs. 

Chris Elphick

Storrs, CT

elphick at sbcglobal.net

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