[CT Birds] Tree swallows at Napatree

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Hi, Niall!
There is indeed a large roost of tree swallows at the mouth of the CT River. That may have been where the birds were headed. (We see them flying over our house every evening, headed south.) There are cruises to watch the evening "show" as well (more info here):
It is an outstanding phenomenon, if you get a chance to witness it.
- Tammy Eustis, Chester
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At Napatree point this afternoon there were many thousands of tree swallows. They swirled around in the sky near the the cabanas and occasionally settled on rosa rugosa bushes in such density that the bushes changed colour. The wind was blowing strongly and they all settled facing the same way, into the wind. On some of the overhead wires there were hundreds of them sitting shoulder to shoulder - no light visible between them - and all facing the same way. This was at 3:00 PM and they were restless so were clearly not getting ready to roost for the night. Do they roost on Napatree point or were they on their way to the huge roost that occurs on the Connecticut river? Niall _______________________________________________ This list is provided by the Connecticut Ornithological Association (COA) for the discussion of birds and birding in Connecticut. For subscription information visit http://lists.ctbirding.org/mailman/listinfo/ctbirds_lists.ctbirding.org 

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