[CT Birds] Golden Eagle etc., Farmington 9/28

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue Sep 28 15:48:46 EDT 2010

Passing this along.

 From SH Johnston:
09/28/10 -- Farmington Meadows and environs: 1 GOLDEN EAGLE, 1 AMERICAN PIPIT, 1 AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER.

This was the third year in a row that I have seen a Golden Eagle migrating through (over) Farmington in the fall. First time in the meadows, first time in September (others were in November). This was an excellent sighting: the bird came in low over a large agricultural field, banking and circling and heading generally south, though it seemed to be hunting. I could see every detail clearly against the trees and soil, including the golden nape and the gorgeous tawny overspreading the wing coverts (adult bird). Characteristic flight, with the slight dihedral and contouring progress over the fields.

I was in rapture over raptors this morning! In addition to the Golden Eagle, I saw three American Kestrels, two Northern Harriers, 2 Cooper's Hawks, 1 possible Northern Goshawk (tail end disappearing in the trees), 1 Sharp-Shinned Hawk, 1 Red-Tailed Hawk, and 1 Osprey. Plus all the usual wildfowl and passerines.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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