[CT Birds] Hermit Thrush Poem

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Wed Sep 29 21:18:26 EDT 2010

Hi Folks

A while back there was a discussion on the song of the Hermit Thrush.
So, I thought you folks my appreciate the following poem.

Dennis Varza

The Hermit Thrush
Marion Murdoch
Birdlore Volume 11 Page 153

In the garden here, as a dreamer may,
I sit and muse on the waning day,
And mingled sweet with the sunset flush,
I hear the song of the Hermit Thrush.

In this seraph mood does he sing to me?
Or his mate, enraptured on yonder tree?
Or does love of life into music rush
 From the inmost heart of the Hermit Thrush?

Not now to reason of nature's ways,
But in awe to whisper that joy is praise.
That this halcyon song in the evening hush
Is the prayer to heaven of the Hermit Thrush.

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