[CT Birds] Bakersville new Hartford - Colebrook res

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Sun Oct 3 12:05:25 EDT 2010

This morning at Bakersville New Hartford.

Was cold! Frost on all grass. This is one of the coldest spots in CT., recording 
some of the coldest winter temps.

What a difference from yesterday. Many birds dropped in from last night. At 
7:30, birds were flying high all about kind of like at Bluff point, cept not 
just in one direction.

The place was crawling with Yellow rump and Palm Warblers, with 2 Black poll, 1 
Bay breasted, 5 BT Green, 3 Yellow throats and 1 Magnolia within.

Many Y Rumps were feeding from the last of the poison Ivy berries, and when 
looking at a large cedar tree, it was like looking at a Christmas tree with 
ornaments in motion. Their were many Yellow rumps and Waxwings moving about in 
the outer branches eating the many cedar berries there.

At the swamp  were:

20 Red wing BBs
6 Grackles
30 plus Purple Finch - they plus Waxwings were all over - 
2 Kestrel
and lots of Song and Swamp Sparrow .

Stub Hollow rd - by stream opening:

Also many Yellow rump Warbs
2 Brown Creeper - with one seen eating poison ivy berries!
8 Ruby c Kinglet
2 Golden c kinglet
3 Phoebe
3 Blue headed Vireo

On a power line in Harwinton:

Gobs of uncountable Sparrows;
Most were Song, White-throated and Swamp, but also seen were - 2 Field, 1 
Lincoln's, 1 White-crowned, 1 Savannah and many Chipping and Junco. Might also 
have seen an early Tree Sparrow but not sure.

Of note: I still feel the most beautiful Sparrow when seen in peak plumage is 
the Swamp. Had one perch for me on a tall stem in a ray of sun, and i watched 
and enjoyed that bird till it flew off. Such a beautiful bird!

Paul Carrier

Wayne Meagher reported seeing today from Colebrook res.

4 Raven
2 Greater Yellowleg
1 Spotted Sandpiper
1 Killdeer
1 Harrier
1 Kestrel
White-throated and Song Sparrows
Palm Warbler
1 Blue headed Vireo
1 Red-eyed Vireo
and Goldfinch everywhere.

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