[CT Birds] Pleasure Beach, Boat Launch, Niantic CT: Heavy Peregrine Falcon Migration and others

mcavallero1 at comcast.net mcavallero1 at comcast.net
Sun Oct 3 19:16:49 EDT 2010

PLEASURE BEACH, Boat Launch/Fishing Area - Niantic CT  9:30AM  -12 PM 

While black-fishing at Pleasure Beach,  we witnessed a pretty strong migration of raptors mid morning. 

We counted over 20+ PEREGRINE FALCONS, at least 2 MERLINS, 5+ SHARP SHINNED HAWKS and 3 COOPERS HAWKS.   They were all coming from the east, flying over Niantic Bay beyond the Millstone power plant to points south and west.   Most of them were mid to high up but one peregrine flew low right over the rocks and near us as it passed over the bay. 

There was also 2-4 Turkey Vultures (and many more flying in the air) sitting on the beach area eating what looked like dead fish or the remains.   Nearby was a red tailed hawk sitting on a beach sign watching the vultures and waiting its turn!.   I know that turkey vultures eat just about anything and everything,  but i honestly have never seen them eating fish on a beach!  it's usually roadkill or carcasses on the side of the road or in a field somewhere. so seeing this was quite an interesting scenario.   Videos were taken and links can be provided later of this incident. 

Also, on the way down to the beach , in the East Hampton/Haddam, area, we saw about 25 broadwing hawks that kettled up and then streamed off to the west    this was early in the morning so we were thinking maybe they had roosted very close overnite and this was their first morning flight. this area near the salmon river is very forested,  we were wondering- does anyone know what kinds of trees broadwings roost in overnite? 


Mona Cavallero and Michael Berzenski 



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