[CT Birds] dead thrush

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 3 21:55:08 EDT 2010


Seems to me your bird was sick from something.
 It happens often to birds naturally through eating bad food to contacting or 
drinking poor water. That's natural. But in our ever expanding human technology, 
we also poison the environment with lawn sprays etc, and these birds will eat 
the poisoned prey we have sprayed for. I saw this often when I monitored my 200 
Bluebird boxes back when. Inevitably, somewhere someone sprayed and the parent 
Bluebirds found the dead bugs and ate them or fed them to their young, with 
sickness or death as a result.
You might just have saved that poor thrush from a prolonged painful death.

Paul Carrier

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