[CT Birds] Bird ID help plus Catbird imitation

Barbara Garrett barbaragarrett at optonline.net
Mon Oct 4 06:52:50 EDT 2010

I'm a novice, as some of you know.  Yesterday on two occasions, in my backyard woods I heard a bird that sounded like when kids put playing cards into bicycle spokes.  On the second occasion I got a brief look at it from below--it was high up in our 75 foot trees.  By the time I got my binocs, it was gone.  I would say it was slightly smaller than a cardinal, but larger than a titmouse.  Help?

Also, in Naugatuck State Forest on a hike about 10 days ago, I thought I heard squirrel alarm calls, but was surprised to hear them low to the ground, since squirrels run up trees when alarmed and they are really wild out there.  Came to find a catbird sitting in a bush with a near-perfect imitation, and repeating for several minutes.  

Barbara Garrett
north Stamford

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