[CT Birds] Interesting Day thus far at Quaker Ridge

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With regards to BC Chickadee migration at Lighthouse, big groups began to move on or about September 19.  
Here's an interesting excerpt from a much more impressive Lighthouse day, and time:
     "Oct 6, 1951.  Upon arrival at the park around nine in the morning, I was amazed at the numerous migrating chickadees coming from due east.  Reaching the harbor's edge they hastily formed compact flocks and after considerable gyrating about the shore they followed it, headed no doubt for the wooded bluffs of Fort Hale Park."
     "I posted myself at the northeast corner of the park near the fence that serves as a boundary mark, and waited.  After an hour and a half had gone by I estimated that well over 300 of the birds had passed the spot where I stood.  The birds were continually moving, as if propelled by some mighty unseen force, scarcely stopping to investigate my continuous squeaking.  At my departure at 10:30, there was a noticeable decrease in the movement but they were still coming in flocks of up to twenty."
     "...of interest too was the fact that numerous hawks were in the air (45 accipiters in the time designated). and not infrequently making passes at the smaller birds..."
          John Cameron Yrizarry, OBSERVING BIRDS IN THE NEW HAVEN REGION, published by New Haven Bird Club, 1956

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Hi All,

Between the rain the hawks are moving today. Highlight thus far is a Northern Goshawk that just came low directly over me. Incredible to see this buteo sized accipiters power when it turns on those afterburners and motors away. Also a few Common Loons, Purple Finches ad Canada Geese Flocks etc etc.

Over the weekend I was in the city and amongst the migrants I stumbled into were large numbers of Black-capped Chickadees (in places where they don't breed - my little patch in Chelsea - or only breed in very limited numbers - Central Park) I guess they are moving in some number this year - I wonder whether the Lighthouse crew have been picking this up?

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

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