[CT Birds] Brant & WT Kite at Stratford Point

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
Mon Oct 4 22:06:48 EDT 2010

I didn't report because the list seemed so pitiful compared to others, but 
here's the list from Hammonasset on Sunday morning, Oct 3rd, which included 

12 brant, flying in formation
approx 200 tree swallows flying -- astonishing to see, especially when they 
swarm around you
yellow rumped warblers
black capped chickadees
6 imm. black-bellied plover
blue jays
Great egrets (lots)
Great blue heron
dc cormorants
unidentified sandpiper
3 American kestrels
1 osprey
3 northern harriers
flock of Canada geese (flying north!)
mourning dove
chipping sparrow
American crows
herring gulls
great black-backed gulls
and lots of Monarchs

Sarah Faulkner
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>7 Atlantic Brant just flew by Stratford Point - our FOS here. The White 
>Tailed Kite is still putting on quite a show negotiation the strong gusty 
>wind, as are two American Kestrel and a Peregrine Falcon. Amazing to watch 
>how differently these three birds handle themselves in this kind of 
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