[CT Birds] Sherwood Island SP (late afternoon) BB Cuckoo & Rusty Blackbirds

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 5 18:30:33 EDT 2010

10/5/10 - Westport - Sherwood Island SP - 1  BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO,2 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS(two more firsts for the park for me!),2 MARSH WRENS,1 AMERICAN KESTREL,WHITE-THROATED SPARROW,AMERICAN REDSTART,many SWAMP & SONG SPARROWS,all on the west side near the two small ponds which now have water in them again. After not seeing our two "favorite resident birds "in the park for many months,I saw them and then,later heard them calling to each other, as I was walking out of the grove.VIRGINIA RAIL continues also.
 Smith-Richardson Xmas Tree Farm - A quick 5 minute stopped yielded 2 AMERICAN KESTRELS,1 MERLIN,1 SHARP-SHINNED HAWK,and a RED-TAILED HAWK.
Never be deterred from going birding because of a few showers,especially during migration!
Tina Green


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