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Wed Oct 6 14:26:23 EDT 2010

Hi Barbara,

Maybe it was a Carolina Wren, they have a very loud raspy warning call.  Click on the link below to a page on the Carolina Wren, in the identification folder there is a recording.  The first part of the recording is the song after that is the warning call.


If is not the wren you can navigate the site and search for some local species ~ and play back their songs and calls to see if they match up to your mystery bird.

Good Luck!

Brian Kleinman
Riverside Reptiles

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Thought I'd try again, since I received no replies.  Sent Monday, 10/4. 
"I'm a novice, as some of you know.  Yesterday on two occasions, in my backyard 
woods I heard a bird that sounded like when kids put playing cards into bicycle 
spokes.  On the second occasion I got a brief look at it from below--it was high 
up in our 75 foot trees.  By the time I got my binocs, it was gone.  I would say 
it was slightly smaller than a cardinal.  Help?" 
Barbara Garrett 
north Stamford 


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