[CT Birds] Hartford North Meadows

paul cianfaglione pcianfaglione at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 8 08:56:44 EDT 2010

10/8 Hartford, Hartford North Meadows (farm field north of landfill)  -  1 NELSON'S SPARROW (adult atlantic form).
This is my second inland Nelson's Sparrow, the first being last October 22nd in South Windsor. The latest edition of North American Birds list three (2009) reports from inland locations, one from Pittsford VT (10/17 reliable source) was substantially inland. A report from western Massachusetts during the same week as my October 2009 sighting was not mentioned in NA Birds. The tendancy to wander inland during fall migration may be more common than accidental for the atlantic form of Nelson's Sparrow.
Paul Cianfaglione

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