[CT Birds] Common raven, ruby crowned kinglet and purple finch

mcavallero1 at comcast.net mcavallero1 at comcast.net
Sat Oct 9 16:42:15 EDT 2010

10 9 10 west hartford backyard 
This morning while trimming down my perennial garden in prep for winter, I had a common raven flyover. The croak was unmistakeable. Also had a ruby crowned knglet and a female purple finch.   And a pair of hairy woodpeckers that always seem to visit my feeders more in the fall
Does anyone know if common ravens nest nearby like on talcott mtn ridge or thereabouts?   This is the the third time I've had them over my yard so I was just wondering.  Do ravens migrate??
Mona cavallero
West hartford ct
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