[CT Birds] American kestrel encounters

Tom Sayers sayers.tom at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 22:35:11 EDT 2010

No one has definitively been able to isolate any one particular factor that
accounts for the American kestrels' steep decline in numbers in recent
years, but one possible factor proposed in the equation is predation by an
increasingly large number of Cooper's hawks. For those who may not embrace
this notion, I just wanted to report that Friday I witnessed a Cooper's hawk
take down a beautiful male kestrel right at the entrance to the Long Beach
parking lot. On a brighter note, while retrofitting some of my kestrel boxes
in Ellington and Somers, I counted 13 kestrels-presumably family groups-
that were quite vocal and actively hunting. I was surprised to see so many,
especially since this was after visiting only 4 sites. Is this late for the
local family groups to still be hanging around? I really very little
experience with kestrels in the fall. Tom Sayers  Tolland

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