[CT Birds] Sunday at Lighthouse Point Park (You Should've Been Here Yesterday)

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 10 15:24:22 EDT 2010

We had 70 Hawks today including 2 Peregrines.  We had a nice overhead Black-billed Cuckoo along with the usuals.  
Today was the BWD Big Sit! "The Coops" strike again, with another lackluster total. But if there were scores for the overall quantity of birds, we'd be serious contenders. Also, this morning flight was no where near as good and "Finchy" as the past 2 days. Migrants and In-the-Park (SORRY for the "banding codes") included:

482 CANG, 1 AMERICAN WIGEON, 7 ABDU, 2 RBME, 10 DCCO, 1 GREG, 20 RBGU, 11 LAGU, 38 HERG, 4 GBBG, 11 MODO, 1 CHSW, 6 RBWO, 1 DOWO, 4 NOFL, 1 BLACk-BILLED CUCKOO, 1 BR CREEPER, 1 CAR WREN, 7 EAPH, 284 BLJA, 5 AMCR, 169 TRES, 88 CEDW, 2 RBNU, 1 WBNU, 1 CARW, 2 GCKI, 60 EUST, 3 Sav Sparrow, Song Sparrow, WT Sparrow, 4 BOBO, 173 RWBL, 2 EASTERN MEADOWLARK, 9 COGR, 88 BHCO, 42 PUFI, 325 HOFI, 111 AMGO

One GC Kinglet actively fed on the lawn for 5 minutes. 

Missed birds included Loons, Killdeer, Titmouse, Fish Crow, Mallard, Monk Parakeet, Junco, Hairy Woodpecker, YB Sapsucker and other amazing "Mega-ticks". 

Still several each of Var. Frit, Monarch, Red Admiral, etc. Also, about a dozen Black Saddlebags and Green Darners.
Tomorrow (with a HIGH currently over Canada and a LOW over NJ) will be clear with a puff of NW winds.  We should have some hawks.  
Steve Mayo

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