[CT Birds] Y-b Cuckoo

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 10 17:50:55 EDT 2010

>From Greg Hanisek & Newington Adult Ed class
We were at Lighthouse Point but had nothing significant not already noted by Steve.
Then we went to nearby Fort Hale Park, New Haven, where we had one very cooperative Yellow-billed Cuckoo and one late and very drab immature Yellow Warbler among the expected migrants. 
A number of people in the class remarked on how drab and olivey the Yellow Warbler looked. This is the type of individual I think sometimes gets misID'd as Orange-crowned Warbler, especially earlier in the season when the Yellows are more likley and Orange-crowneds have yet to arrive. These drab Yellows' appearance is different enough that Yellow Warbler might not immediately come to mind, and the ID process starts down a wrong path. The fact that on some the olive-brown extends to the breast sides in a vaguely streaked pattern only leads farther in the wrong direction. A key is the face. Aside from a prominent eye ring on individuals with non-yellow faces, all Yellow Warblers have a very "blank" face with no supercillium, eyeline, malar markings or crown markings. Orange-crowned will show a semblance at least of a supercillium and a dark eyeline. 
Greg Hanisek

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