[CT Birds] Sampling birds of a few locations

Mardi Dickinson mardi1 at optonline.net
Sun Oct 10 22:14:11 EDT 2010

 From Mardi & Townsend:
10/10/10 - Westport, Sherwood Island,  -- 2 Nelson's Sharp-tail  
Sparrow, 1 Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow
Swamp Sparrow,White-crowned Sparrow, White-throat Sparrow, Savannah  
Sparrow, Song Sparrow.
SNOW GOOSE leading the pack of 29 Canada Geese fly over heading south.
Stratford, Short Beach -- 20+ Black-bellied plovers, 1 American Golden  

FYI - Towny and I along with 10 others did not see the White-Tailed  
Kite tonight. I was told that the WTKite
was at Milford Point very briefly this morning. I have no pros or cons  
that it was at Stratford Point afterwards.

10/8/10 - Stratford, Stratford Point -- 4:02 till 6:23PM WHITE-TAILED  
KITE was seen on and off with great looks
on Friday evening. The bird was sporting its new clean feather tails.  
Was hunting regularly and was quite content.

PS - To add to Scott K  Kite Email. I have also received numerous  
inquiries in and out of state in regards to the
WTKite and its statue via my blog and directly. There was also two  
lovely ladies that I directed to Stratford Point
that drove from Ohio to come and see the Kite yesterday. As Scott  
mentioned Yes, there are still people
that are very interested in seeing this beauty of a bird. Additional  
updates see my blog below.

Mardi Dickinson
Norwalk, CT

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