[CT Birds] To see, or not to see.....

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 14 14:52:37 EDT 2010

To see, or not to see.....

While looking out my big window towards the bird feeders, I notice a movement 
just under the window, just 8 feet away. There, on the grass below, I spot a 
Chipping Sparrow, but wait, there's more! 

Feeding from the lawn on Crabgrass between the newly fallen leaves are 16 more 
Chippers! I could not believe how "cryptic = mysterious, hidden, obscure" all 
these birds were. They so perfectly match the ground and fallen leaves (just 8 
feet away) that it was just about impossible to see them until they move. 

Nature has given the Chipping Sparrow, and many other birds as well, the perfect 
camouflage for species that often feed in open, exposed areas. Without movement, 
we, as well as their natural predators, have little sign that they are indeed 
even there. Isn't nature so darn interesting? 

Much bird activity in yard today.........  Paul Carrier

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