[CT Birds] The kite and thanks to CAS staff

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Bravo charlie.   Very well said and definitely a big thank you to all the follks you mentioned for their help and patience and stewardship in behalf of our most special avian visitor
I miss hearing about it but wish it well on its journey
Mona cavallero
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The White-tailed Kite, first spotted by Dennis Varza way back on  August 1, 
gave many birders and photographers a great experience for such a long  
time.  On August 1, after seeing Dennis' post about the sighting, I hurried  
down to Stratford Point and met Scott Kruitbosch, who arrived only a minute or 
 two after I did in search of the bird.  We stood there for a  minute 
watching it fly back and forth across the grass as it  hunted, until I told Scott 
to grab his camera and take verification photos in  case the bird left 
within a few minutes, never to be seen again.  Little  did we know....For more 
than 2 months the kite fascinated many hundreds (if not  more than 1000 
birders) from a wide area. Wherever it has gone, I wish the  bird a good journey. 
Scott, Twan Leenders and Miley Bull all deserve thanks for all  the extra 
effort which they put into accommodating so many people, as well as  making 
decisions for the kite's benefit.  Scott, in particular, gave up a  lot of 
his own time to go down to open the gate to Stratford Point early in  the 
morning and again in the evening for many weeks. In addition, he frequently  was 
there to open the gate on weekends, when it is normally closed.  This  was 
in addition to doing his usual surveys and maintaining a  full course 
schedule at college - including having to deal with a  calculus class as part of 
his academics.   
So, once again: may the kite live a long and good life and thanks to all  
the CAS guys at Stratford Point. 
Charlie Barnard Jr.
Stratford, CT
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