[CT Birds] Soapstone Mtn - WINDY

Parrot sisserou at charter.net
Sat Oct 16 18:36:10 EDT 2010

11:15 to 1:30 pm.  Almost impossible to bird from the tower with spotting scope - it appears that the accipters were largerly flying from the east across the front into the central valley - no buteos in this direction.  A few buteos to the nor'east.  One adult Bald Eagle heading north (a local?).  Several Coopers Hawks but mostly Sharpies.  Left lookout and took comfort on the opening to the east of the parking lot.  Here were the buteos, shapies and too many gulls.  With the high winds - hawks did not need their full wing extension and circled little.  SE there was a ~30 hawk kettle (?) - near birds were certainly red-tail.   Found another Bald Eagle, this an immature also heading north.  Drove downhill to another lookout across from the 'kettle' site - many gulls but not in kettle - could they have been the backdrop to the buteos?  Followed several red-tails to confirm they were not gulls.  Difficult day to generate an accurate hawk count.  

Perhaps tomorrow winds will be lighter.  

Ron, Ashford

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