[CT Birds] New Haven LP Park Sunday (Harriers, Peregrines, Red-Headed Woodpecker)

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 17 16:37:42 EDT 2010

Today at Lighthouse, we had 205 hawks before the moderate west winds went SW.  Most of the hawks were low.  Highlights were the in-the-Park Peregrines chasing (and dining on) some of the moving passerines.   Harriers went through in numerous pairs.  We've tallied 7 "Gray Ghosts" (adult males) in the past 2 days alone.  
An attempt to tally migrants yielded the following:  
2 Com Loon, 2 GB Heron, 11 DC Cormorant, 2 Laughing Gull, 8 Mute Swan, 2 Wood Duck, 77 Can Goose, 1 RED-HEADED WOODPECKER (imm), 1 YB Sapsucker, 144 Tree Swallow, 40 BC Chickadee, 55 Bl Jay, 50 Cedar Waxwing, 10 Am Pipit, 506 Am Robin, 4 E Bluebird, 6 Palm Warbler, 100 YR Warbler, 3 Warbler, sp., 145 BH Cowbird, 1 C Grackle, 505 RW Blackbird, 55 Pu Finch, 1285 Ho Finch, 66 Am Goldfinch 
Steve Mayo

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