[CT Birds] Mackenzie Reservoir

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 17 19:06:05 EDT 2010

10/17/10 - Wallingford - Mackenzie Reservoir -(7:45am-5:00pm) I spent most of the day here looking and waiting,along with many other birders,for the Barnacle Goose to appear. It did not. John Marshall did see the goose before I arrived and that is why so many of us searched the surrounding fields and ponds and stood watch at the reservoir. Here are the highlights of the day - 2 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE(1 juv.,1 adult),3 NORTHERN HARRIER(2 juv,1 "grey ghost"),RED-SHOULDERED HAWK,RE-TAILED HAWK,COOPER'S HAWK,SHARP-SHINNED HAWK,AMERICAN KESTREL,BALD EAGLE,OSPREY,TURKEY VULTURE,7 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS,4 WILSON'S SNIPE(feeding out in the open on and off all day),KILLDEER,GREEN-WINGED TEAL,3 GREAT EGRETS,1 GREAT BLUE HERON,EASTERN BLUEBIRDS,RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS,WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW(ADULT),PALM WARBLER,FISH CROW,BELTED KINGFISHER. This was my first visit and I loved it!
Meriden - Bishop's Pond -(Highlights)-with John Marshall - NORTHERN PINTAIL(male & female),3 NORTHERN SHOVELERS,AMERICAN WIGEON,GREEN-WINGED TEAL.We did NOT see the Common Moorhen.

Tina Green


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