[CT Birds] Norwalk Community College Paving

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I can imagine the loss of the field is a shock. Growing up in California in the 70's, I was uncomfortably familiar with the change around me, loss of habitat and lots of paving.  But eventually enough people saw that we are all part of the web and stepped in to preserve what was left.  Perhaps it was a realization that we are part of world, not above it, not below it, just part of it.  To quote John Muir “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” 
You may have an opportunity to engage the College and create awareness of the impact of loss of habitat. And to teach the students that they are part of something greater than thereselves.  I'd guess there may be kindred spirits in the science and biology departments that would agree.
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> I recently stopped by Norwalk Community College to see what birds I could find in the small field, that is behind the school building.
> IT'S GONE! The field is gone, its now a Paved parking lot. No Bluebirds... Asphalt!
> I now have to delete this spot from my EBIRD list of favorite birding locations.
> This field was there since I was a child, and was always good for large varieties of birds, mammals and insects.
> Progress!
> Larry Flynn
> Norwalk.

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