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Tue Oct 19 14:05:56 EDT 2010

The Hawk Migration at Lighthouse Point today was just about nil, and the passerine flight was only just a bit better, but, being Lighthouse Point, there were still some interesting things going on.

At 8:15 Am, local time, a Peregrine Falcon made a strafing run on the Mourning Doves assembled on the lawn in front of the benchs. Although it missed on the first run, quickly executing an Immelman Roll she proceeded to make another pass, and this time nailed a dove, just about 2 feet off of the deck. She took the Dove to the #1 pole, and began to pluck feathers. About this time, a second Peregrine made a pass at her, sitting on the pole. Such screaming and yelling proceeded. Both birds went round and round, the first one still with the dove in her talons. Finally the second Falcon left, and the victor took the Dove to the pole immediately behind where we all sit. For the next 45 minutes, I had a ring-side seat to the plucking and eating of the whole dove. 

The other interesting thing this morning was a continuation of Cuckoos in the park. Today, a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo landed in the trees just to the right of the pavilion, sat there for a minuteor so, and then moved to the concrete block just before the Port-o-potty. I followed it to the butterfly garden, where it sat on the rope. I was close enough to see the bi-colored bill, the clear underside of the belly, the tail pattern, and when it was flying, the slightly roufus coloring in the wings. No question as to identity.

Oh, yes, the Hawks... this was from 7AM until 12Noon, when I left....

Peregrine falcon... 2
Cooper's Hawk... 1 ( probably local bird, around in the trees by the lighthouse all morning)
Red-shoulder Hawk... 1 never really left the park
Sharp-shinned Hawk... 2 one definately left over the Harbor.

The passerine flight... Purple finch... 15  //  Chickadee... 25  //  Bluebird... 5  //  other bluebirds heard, but by then ZERO clouds left finding them just about impossible.

For Roy Harvey... Lighthouse Point PArk 10-19-2010 Yellow-Billed Cuckoo.

Bill Banks

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