[CT Birds] Red-Tailed Hawks attracted to loud bass sounds?

Jonathan Jaekle jaekle at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 20:29:35 EDT 2010

I have been to West Rock park in New Haven between 15 and 20 times, usually
to park at the South Overlook and take some close-up shots of Kestrels,
hawks, and vultures.  However, two recent visits caught my attention, as
both times I arrived to find that other visitors were playing music from
their car stereos with a decently loud volume and a prominent bass.  At
first I thought the relatively loud music might repel the raptors and
vultures.  However during both of these visits I noticed that a pair of
red-tailed hawks spent an unusual amount of time very close to the overlook
area.  I had seen them before but before it had only been a relatively quick
fly-over and then they would be gone.  During these two visits, the two RT
hawks repeatedly "dive-bombed" within only a few feet of the cliff face that
was just adjacent to the overlook area.  Has anyone else seen hawks that
seemed to be attracted to bass or other musical sounds?  I'd be interested
to find out if this is a phenomenon seen by others. Thanks.

Jonathan Jaekle

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