[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge - No. Goshawk, Pine Siskins etc

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Thu Oct 21 21:47:22 EDT 2010


 Hi All,

A weird day at Quaker today. Until 12:56pm almost nothing at all (2 Sharp-shinned Hawks). Then as the first line of front passed and the sun broke a Peregrine popped up and soared over the site, as I came off of that an adult Bald Eagle popped into view just out left of the Peregrine. As I came off of the scope view of the eagle I was aware of a big bird zooming through the parking lot towards the field. As I got on it, I realized it was a Goshawk. It came almost right over my head (so low in fact that the streaked undertail coverts were easily visible) and as it banked to swing ENE beyond the field it showed the telltale buffy bar on the wing coverts. It couldn't have been more different than the one yesterday which was high and soaring, this one I felt like I might have been able to touch had I jumped ;) Interestingly things almost immediately shut down again once a second line of front moved through 10 minutes later. I have heard of raptors 'riding' fronts but this was certainly an interesting experience and probably the first time I have witnessed this supposed phenomenon in the field. The Goshawk actually swang back west after the passage of the second line of front 10 minutes later. Once that second front moved through things were quiet but not as dead as the morning. 

With wind chill increasing a flock of Pine Siskins dropped into the Serviceberry shrubs right out front of the center and hung around just long enough to realise that there wasn't any grub to be found on that particular shrub. 1 however hung around and either it or another individual had found it's way to my feeders by the evening. Only a small  number of individual birds, but another cracking day at the hawkwatch. Oh and two Tree Swallows, which almost had me excited after reading that report from MA!

Luke Tiller, Greenwich


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