[CT Birds] Soapstone Mountain, Somers

Parrot sisserou at charter.net
Sat Oct 23 18:45:05 EDT 2010

From 1030 to 1:30 - first 45 minutes a small stream of Red-tails and Sharpies - 2 Goshawk; then the birds stopped and resumed about 1215 - winds increased and birds went high but they were east of the Mountain - flying over the central valley and flying overhead - one spotter cannot count all these birds - my best guess is I saw overall 100 birds - mostly red tail, a few red shoulder, sharpies, coopers, goshawk, merlin, and 1 osprey.  Went to the Mountain in hopes of seeing eagles but not one.  I suspect I could have easily missed 100 or more hawks.

Ron, Ashford

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