[CT Birds] Backyard Birds

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
Sat Oct 23 19:00:22 EDT 2010

I would not be submitting my feeder list for today if not for seeing both species of nuthatch!  Not exotic, but mit made me happy.  My feeders are doing brisk business.  

white-breasted nuthatch (2)
red-breasted nuthatch (1)
dark-eyed junco (2 or more)
black-capped chickadee (lots)
pine siskin (1 or more)
tufted titmouse (lots, and noisy!)
goldfinch (1 or more)
cardinal (1) 
red-bellied woodpecker (4) -- taking sunflower seeds!
downy woodpecker (3)
blue jay (1)
cardinal (2)
mourning doves (3)
house sparrows (unfortunately)

Sarah Faulkner

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