[CT Birds] RUSTY BLACKBIRDS- DEP headquarters in Old Lyme 10/23; Harkness SP 10/22

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Sat Oct 23 20:35:03 EDT 2010

10/23 DEP Headquarters in Old Lyme   -- On my way home today from  the NHBC 
Hammo walk I stopped into the pond behind the DEP Headquarters  (4:30 PM). 
There was a flock of 30-40 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS sometimes perched  together in 
one tree sometimes foraging in the mudflats putting on a good  show turning 
over the leaves.  Boy,against the dark mudflats are they  camouflaged!
Other birds of note:
green-winged teal in quite an array of plumages
Am. wigeon
swamp sparrow
yellow-rumped warbler
white-throated sparrow
great blue heron
Thanks, Hank G, for your report a few days ago about this spot. It  
reminded me to start going back there.  Any sign of the nearby Baldwin  Bridge 
peregrines yet?
A bit late but here is my report from a quick jaunt at Harkness SP in  
Waterford yesterday 10/22 (the brush dump portion only).   Nothing particularly 
unusual but a nice mix of sparrows:
Lincoln's, white-crowned (imm.), white-throated, field, swamp, song,  house 
(unfortunately house sparrows were the most numerous)
also: 2 red-shouldered hawks, 1 sharpie,  phoebes, red-winged  blackbirds 
f, common yellowthroat, and only 2 yellow-rumped warblers :) (as  opposed to 
the 100s we saw today at Hammo)
Home feeders: White-throated sparrows and juncos both arrived on 10/21,  
although I did see a junco in a neighbor's yard last week.
Carolyn Cimino

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