[CT Birds] Barn Island

Tom and Dorothy Wadlow joyant at att.net
Sun Oct 24 14:25:32 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I’m back from 4 ½ months away and have been to Barn Island a couple of times
this week—a nice welcome home.  It has beautiful leaf color and there is
lots of food around for birds so it’s no surprise that they are plentiful.
It is hunting season so Sunday is the best day to visit since no hunting is
allowed there on Sundays.


On 10/22 on a quick visit to the upper parking lot (off Greenhaven Road,
right on Stewart Street) I spotted a yellow-billed cuckoo.  It was
completely silent and moving its head only occasionally, but when following
ruby-crowned kinglet with my binoculars it suddenly came into view.  It’s
tail feathers were worn with some missing.  Either in heavy molt or the
result of an unfortunate encounter with a predator.  It finally turned and
gave me a good look at its russet primaries.


Today 10/24 I walked in from the parking lot on Palmer Neck Road.  Among
other things there were 19 greater yellowlegs, numerous great egrets and
great blue herons and large flock of song sparrow with other sparrow kinds
mixed in (swamp, chipping, white-throated and white-crowned.)  




10/24 – Stonington yard- 1 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH


Dorothy Wadlow

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